How History Can Connect Your Business to Good Works and a Higher Purpose

History Smiths

I really do believe that most of us want to do good work in world. We want to determine our purpose — the reason we were put here — and act on it.

I further believe that most of us want our business to be connected to such a higher purpose – whatever the business, for-profit or nonprofit, service or product-based.

I mean, honestly, what is the point if we’re not?

And here’s my incredibly bold statement:

Supporting your local history connects you and your business to a very high purpose.

Frankly, by the nature of history itself, you are connecting with something much, much larger than you, or me, or any one business.

You are also connecting yourself and your business to the future by the actions you take today – by helping to preserve historic buildings and paper documents, by backing history education in and out of the classroom where the stewards of tomorrow are being educated, or by helping to uncover and tell untold stories to present a fuller, more honest telling of our history for the next generation.

This is very big stuff to contemplate!

Those of us who “do” history live and breathe this reality every day — this deep connection to past, present, and future — because of the artifacts we touch, the letters we read, or the historic houses we care for.

But you don’t have to be a historian to get in on it! Not at all.  We all have a role to play in preserving and telling our history, and that includes you.

Through your business, you can:

• Form a strategic partnership with your museum

or historical society. How can you benefit each

other economically?

• Underwrite a history lecture series, new curriculum,

or the creation of a new walking trail.

• Back a historic preservation project, historic marker

or plaque.

• Fund a collections digitization project at your

historical society, or assist your public library with

their local history room.

The opportunities are endless! Business-wise, you will attract attention and customers by proudly publicizing your involvement in every way possible.

You will also be connecting your business to good and important work in the world, AND building a legacy.

I encourage you to think beyond what’s right in front of you. Think big, and be part of something larger. The rewards are tangible and meaningful.