How Your Business Can Benefit from Supporting Historical Holidays

History Smiths

There are lots of them out there – weeks, months, and days devoted to recognizing something historical. In the U.S., we have Black History Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Preservation Week (May), and the list goes on. Globally, we have International Women’s Day on March 8.

Because my historical expertise is in women’s history, I will focus on March for the moment. But the larger point, which applies across the board, is: Where can you make connections between your business and these nationally and internationally designated historical holidays? How can you get involved and call attention to your business?

Some ideas for you:

• Find out who is “doing something” in your community for National Women’s History Month. Contact your historical society, public library, National Park Service site, museum, high school, or college. Ask if you can sponsor their program, and then show up at the event to be introduced, staff an information table, and make a special offer. If no one has anything planned, ask if you can help facilitate a program. With small nonprofits, the sticking points are usually lack of staff time and funding. Ask how you can help. If you have a large enough facility to host a program, do something at your place of business! Can you invite other businesses that cater to women to participate? Can you work with your Chamber of Commerce to promote the event? Your leadership should be visible, and you can easily become a hero to a whole lot of people.

• For International Women’s Day, visit the official International Women’s Day Web site to find out who is doing what and where. The theme this year for 2011 is female authors and artists. Are there authors and artists in your community to whom you could make a gift to support their work? They all need financial assistance and attention. Could you host a reception or mount an exhibit? All of this work could be done in honor of the woman or women you have selected AND in honor of International Women’s Day — and heavily promoted.

• Is there an international effort to empower women to which you could donate? The vast majority of overseas micro loans go to women. Why? Because with the same money, men will buy guns and drugs. Women will feed their family, start a business, and support their community – all of which promotes peace. You would be amazed at how far your dollars can go. Can you make a donation in honor of your women employees? Host an all-staff reception to explain what you have done and why? This will also make a terrific press release.

These are just three suggestions, but you get the idea. Don’t let these opportunities to connect with new audiences and expand the reach, importance, and credibility of your business pass you by!

People will take notice. They will respect you (especially the women), and say, “Wow, good for them. I would never have expected it.”

This is a great time for your business to shine!