Testimonials about Harrison’s Work for Women

History Smiths

Here’s what people say about Bonnie’s talks, tours, and books about women!

“Your book has arrived. Bravo! Bravo! What a monumental, worthy, welcome piece of work. You did it and it looks great. And what long-range value it will have — there’s really no way to measure how far and lasting its reach will be, and all because you did it. Warmest congratulations and fond regards.”
–David McCullough, Pulitzer prize-winning author (upon receiving Bonnie’s book The Letters I Left Behind: Judith Sargent Murray Papers, Letter Book 10

“Harrison Bennett has a gift for making connections between historical events and the present. One Sunday in March 2011, as a guest speaker at our Sunday service, she brought us right into the life of Judith Sargent Murray and enabled us to enter a world in which women knew very few of the freedoms we now take for granted. As she spoke passionately and from deep knowledge about the changes Judith Sargent Murray envisioned and worked for, she helped us feel connections between the people of Judith’s daily life and the people who have sat in the pews of our own Meetinghouse (built in 1801) from Judith’s time until the present. This is history at its best for it gives us greater insight into our own moment and place on the earth and allows us to look to the future with greater understanding.”

-Merryl Maleska Wilbur, First Religious Society Unitarian Universalist, Newburyport MA
“Bonnie Smith is one of the best guest lecturers I have had in my class on Women and Gender in the US from 1790 to 1920. She gets us off to a good start by introducing Judith Sargent Murray without whom it is not possible to understand the roots of feminism in the US. Best of all, in addition to telling the story of Murray, the first feminist writer in the US,  she is also able to demonstrate her own superb scholarship  to the budding scholars and archivists in the class.”

–Laurie Crumpacker, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Simmons College

“It’s been a pleasure to have Bonnie speak at the Boston Public Library. Her presentations are excellent, her enthusiasm contagious, and her humor appreciated. Bonnie made it easy for the library to have a popular program with minimum fuss.”

–Patricia Feeley, Boston Public Library

“You introduced our guests to Boston and women’s history with passion and insight. When they return to their own political work, they won’t forget your stories.”
–Simmons College international economic summit conference planner, Boston, MA

“Harrison Bennett gave a most informative and interesting presentation about the history of Brookhouse emphasizing the importance of women in the one hundred and fifty years of success of this exceptional rest home. Bonnie did her research well and the audience learned a great deal from her.”

-Karen Jellison, Brookhouse Residence for Women

“I would never have purchased a book like this if I hadn’t heard your presentation. I can’t wait to read your book!”

-Kathleen Militello, Member, Homebased Businesswomen’s Network

“Bonnie, thank you for one of our best tours ever!”

-Worcester Women’s Heritage Project

“Bonnie’s presentation, a sneak preview of her book “We Believe in You!” brought the unique but fundamentally universal stories of historic America women to life through engaging facts and fascinating anecdotes in a fast-paced, 45-minute talk. The audience loved learning about struggles and support systems of famous and not-so-famous American women as far back as the 1600s. We are eager to have her back!”
–Terry Byrne, Cambridge Center for Adult Education

“Bonnie, thank you for coming to speak at our 2012 Kick-off Luncheon.  I know people walked away inspired and enthusiastic about making a difference through their work!”
–Miriam Klampkin, Homebased Businesswomen’s Network

“Bonnie, thank you so much for bringing the opportunity to be part of developing the Salem Women’s Heritage Trail to the Salem Chamber of Commerce. We have benefited enormously from your vision, creative ideas, attention to detail and especially your unabashed passion for the project. Our opening event was deemed a success in so many ways. Your special gifts and talents added volumes to the overall event. Please accept our fondest best wishes and sincere gratitude for your generosity.”

–Joan Peck, Chair, and Ellen DiGeronimo, Executive Director, Salem, MA Chamber of Commerce

“Bonnie Smith approaches her work with enthusiasm and energy. It has been a pleasure to work with her on several BWHT projects large and small over the past decade. One time we dubbed her “Saint Bonnie” because she was willing and able to do such a wide variety of tasks for our guidebook, including graphic design,  indexing,  photographic searches, original historical research and supervision of the actual printing of the book.”
–Mary Smoyer, former president, Boston Women’s Heritage Trail

“Bonnie has presented three historical talks here at the Beverly Public Library. Her illustrated presentations are delightful and enlightening — always impeccably researched and organized, and enthusiastically presented. Bonnie really brings to life her subjects and the eras in which they lived. It’s always especially enriching to hear Bonnie’s unique expertise on women’s contributions to North Shore history!”

–Robin Flynn, Beverly (MA) Public Library

“Harrison Bennett shared stories about the war-time contributions of Boston and Framingham women as part of the Framingham Public Library’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. She brought both well-known and little-known abolitionists, nurses, and writers to life in this fascinating program for Framingham Reads Together 2011.”
–Elizabeth Fideler, EdD, Framingham Reads Together Co-Chair, Framingham, MA

“Bonnie delivered a thought-provoking, emotional, and penetrating view of Margaret Fuller. She was a hit, and we look forward to having her return.”

–Peter Van DeBogert, Northshore UU Church, Danvers, MA

“Your service today at our church was wonderful, Bonnie. You brought great passion to the topic and told an exceedingly interesting story about our Universalist history. I hope you get to do this a lot. We are so grateful.”

–Rev. Arthur McDonald, First Universalist Church of Essex, MA

“One of our parishioners said he was surprised by his own ‘depth of feeling’ at the end and realized it was generated by your depth of feeling. Another woman was so impressed and moved at ‘how attached’ you were to this historical personage she came up afterward and hugged you. Your passion for Margaret Fuller’s life and work really came through, and that was moving to all of us.”

–Diana Digges, Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, West Roxbury, MA

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