Memoirs and Biographical Sketches

History Smiths


If you’re a CEO or senior level manager at your company or organization who is approaching retirement, who has retired, or who has reached some kind of milestone, please don’t let someone else tell your story!

And if you work for someone who fits this description, please barge in and make sure his or her story is told! (They won’t necessarily ask, so you might have to insist!)

I’m so glad you came to this page, because I suspect you already “get” where I’m coming from. All too often, the personal stories of key leaders in a business or organization are left untold and it’s up to people like me, years later, to reconstruct what could so easily have been written in real-time.

As someone who has researched and written numerous business histories, I have seen this happen time and time again. And not to dwell on unpleasantness, but obituaries never tell the full story. Instead, you want control over what is said about you, or the person you represent, and I would love to help.

Our work together would include:

• Multiple conversations with you or the person
  you represent

• Interviews with people you identify (colleagues,
  spouse, children)

• Research on your business or organization,   including local history angles that might apply

  (archives, libraries, university records, etc.)

• Determination of the final “product” and plans
  to make it happen (Article? Booklet?)

• Identification of images for the final product

Depending on how you want this information distributed, I can also help you with a press release. In some cases, the people I work with prefer to keep this kind of project private, just for family, friends, and the company files. In other cases, especially if the subject is celebrating a birthday or some other milestone, it’s appropriate for the information to be made more public.

Either way, I am the soul of discretion, a good listener, and I would love to tell your story!

Please contact me, and let’s get started!