Business Histories and Anniversaries

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If you’re celebrating a business anniversary, please watch this video about making the most out of this incredible opportunity! And if you’re not right now, please watch anyway. It’s never too early to learn your business history and take advantage of the PR opportunities that await!

(In fact, I wrote the book on how to do it!)

Here’s one project that is still underway: WOLF & COMPANY, P.C.
For one of Boston’s leading accounting firms, we researched the company history for their 100th anniversary in 2011 and identified multiple PR/business development opportunities. Based on our research, Wolf is installing a lobby display, adding a section to their website, hosting special events, “infiltrating” the historical communities in Boston and New England in strategic ways that will get them seen by the “right people,” making special overtures to existing customers and new markets — all based on our research! We even located their founder’s granddaughter!
And here’s another we loved working on:


For Soucy Insurance Agency in Salem, Massachusetts, a multi-generation family-owned business, we researched the company’s history (and the family’s) and created marketing materials for their 100th anniversary including a lobby display, brochure, website content, and news releases. Existing customers were thrilled. Whatever they thought they knew about their insurance agency, they now knew a touching and impressive family story. They were delighted. The emotional connection between business and customer really deepened. New customers approached Soucy Insurance because of the historical stories we told in the local media. They were impressed by the history itself, as well as the owner’s pride in his family and his genuine desire to share his story. Really, if you had to choose a nameless insurance agency over Paul Soucy and his compelling story, which one would you choose?

If you’re planning a business anniversary, I’ve made it easy for you because I wrote the book on it!

It’s called “Go Beyond the Party,” and all the details are here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

–Bonnie Hurd Smith

“When I knew my company was going to celebrate its 100th anniversary, I wanted to do something lasting and meaningful.

I contacted Bonnie at History Smiths because I knew she had the ability and reputation to do the historical research on my family-owned business, and the marketing skills to create a brochure, display, and media materials.

My existing customers were delighted, and I attracted new clients because of the attention we received.”

—Paul K. Soucy, Soucy Insurance Agency