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Events provide a wonderful opportunity for you to tell your story, and if it’s a historical event that means that towns, businesses, nonprofits, and citizens can work together for everyone’s benefit. Whatever size your event is, and whatever its purpose, we can help! Here are two examples of large-scale historical events, but we’ve done large, small, public, and private.
IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS’ 375TH In 2009, we worked closely with the Town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and a volunteer committee to plan, implement, and promote the town’s 375th anniversary. We also researched and wrote a boatload of historical content for all of the marketing and communications vehicles, making sure to include the histories of the Native American population, English colonists, and all of the subsequent immigrant groups to present a balanced picture of town history. The public relations benefits for local businesses were huge. Their sponsorships, participation on volunteer committees, and visible presence at events pleased their existing customers like crazy and attracted new ones. Restaurants, attractions, and other visitor-oriented companies benefited from increased tourist traffic all year long. Local banks, in particular, were able to communicate a powerful message to the community: Bank with us because we are part of the community and NOT the big banks that have done in our economy.

We worked with the City of Salem, Massachusetts and Historic Salem, Inc., a local preservation group, to plan the Bowditch Bicentennial on the anniversary of the publication of native son Nathaniel Bowditch’s book, The New American Practical Navigator. Local businesses with a connection to maritime history, boating, or nautically themed restaurants, for example, jumped right on board and really profited. Other kinds of businesses supported the event through sponsorships, inkind services, or gifts, getting their name in front of thousands of residents and visitors.

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Harrison Bennett

“Bonnie brings knowledge, people skills, a cooperating persona and deep technical competence to her projects … the 375th was a much better celebration for melding Bonnie’s ideas into the year long program in 2009.”
—Nat Pulsifer, Chair, Ipswich, MA 375th Anniversary Celebration
Ipswich 375th Parade “I had the pleasure of collaborating with
Bonnie on the Bowditch Bicentennial celebration in Salem, MA involving many high-level Navy and Federal officials. Her exceptional professionalism and many extraordinary talents made this multi-faceted celebration a tremendous success.
Salem businesses really benefited from the event, and Bonnie made sure that would happen.”
—Lt. Cmdr. Paul J. Brawley, USN Navy
Community Outreach-Boston

Friendship of Salem