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“Your book has arrived. Bravo! Bravo! What a monumental, worthy, welcome piece of work. You did it and it looks great. And what long-range value it will have — there’s really no way to measure how far and lasting its reach will be, and all because you did it. Warmest congratulations and fond regards.” —David McCullough, Pulitzer prize-winning author (upon receiving Bonnie’s book The Letters I Left Behind: Judith Sargent Murray Papers, Letter Book 10)
Letters of Loss & Love:

Judith Sargent Murray Papers, Letter Book 3

The second volume of Harrison Bennett’s multi-year project to publish Judith Sargent Murray’s letter books contains letters written during the years 1785 to 1789, when Judith’s first husband went bankrupt and died leaving her widowed and poor,  when she married the Universalist preacher John Murray and met John and Abigail Adams during their honeymoon journey, and when she traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, York, Maine, and parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut. Order

The Letters I Left Behind:

Judith Sargent Murray Papers, Letter Book 10

In the first volume of Harrison Bennett’s multi-year project to transcribe, index, and edit Judith Sargent Murray’s letter books, Bonnie presents a “new” eyewitness account of eighteenth century history told through the pen of an educated, merchant class essayist. Letters in this volume were written by Judith Sargent Murray from 1796 to 1799, and they include those written to John Adams and George Washington. Order Mingling Souls Upon Paper:

An Eighteenth-Century Love Story

Harrison Bennett uses Judith Sargent Murray’s letters to tell the poignant love story between the eighteenth century essayist Judith Sargent Murray and  John Murray, the founder of organized American Universalism. The two were friends for fourteen years before they could marry, separated by Judith’s first husband, the disapproval of her family, threats to John’s safety, and the Atlantic Ocean. Order From Gloucester to Philadelphia in 1790:  — Currently out of print; reissue 12/15 Observations, thoughts, and anecdotes from the letters of Judith Sargent MurrayIn 1790, the eighteenth century essayist Judith Sargent Murray made a six-month journey to Philadelphia with her husband, John Murray, to attend the first national convention of Universalists. The letters in this volume chronicle meetings with historical figures like George Washington, sitting through early sessions of Congress in New York, towns, cities, events, and travel conditions. Order
Boston Women & The Law: A Walking Trail through
Four Centuries of Boston Women’s Legal History

Suffragists, abolitionists, judges and attorneys, this lively book chronicles the stories of women’s legal history in the City of Boston. It was written for New England Law | Boston for the law school’s Centennial year in 2008, and published by Hurd Smith Communications. Order

Salem Women’s Heritage Trail
This self-guided walking tour through four centuries of women’s history in Salem, Massachusetts, honors the contributions of women to the development of the seaport city made famous by the Witch Trials of 1692 and maritime trade. Order

Boston Women’s Heritage Trail
Harrison Bennett was a contributing writer to and designer of this collection of six self-guided walks through Boston’s Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Downtown, North End, Chinatown, and the South End. Order

The Living Legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Harrison Bennett was commissioned by the Emerson Bicentennial Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association to write and design an exhibit and book on the life, work, and legacy of one of America’s most enduring intellectuals and authors. Available from the Harvard Square Library.