A Source of Pride (and Customers): A Historian’s Guide to Doing Your Business History

History Smiths


You are in the right place if you are a business owner or the director of an organization who wants to do your business history but you don’t have a historian on staff, you don’t know one, or you can’t afford to hire one.

I understand! I’ve heard all of these reasons before!

You are also in the right place if you are involved in marketing, PR, or business development and, again, you don’t have access to a historian.

And, you’re in the right place if you are a researcher who wants to improve your research skills, because I share a lot of great tips.

Finally, you are in the right place if you are the repository of historical information such as a library or historical society, because you can use this book to encourage businesses in your community to make use of your resources (meaning, a revenue stream for you!).

A Source of Pride (and Customers) is a how-to-manual to guide you through the process of doing a business history step-by-step. Yes, there is work involved, but I have made everything as easy and clear as possible!

I will also reveal THE SECRET to your success! It will sound awfully simple to you, but most people outside of the history community don’t understand how this critical piece of information works – and I can’t wait to share it!

Specifically, in A Source of Pride

(and Customers), you will learn:

• Why it’s a good idea to know your history,

   even if you aren’t celebrating an anniversary

• Why and how to set up a business archive.

• Guiding questions to keep in mind as you

   start your detective work – the kinds of
   questions we historians like to ask.

• How to begin.

• Where to go for help, and what you can

   expect to find when you get there.

• How to organize your information.

You will also get tips on:

• How to avoid losing your mind at the end

   of the project – this one secret will do it!

• How to work with the people you meet to

   get the highest PR benefit for your business.

• Ways to tell your story to attract attention,    customers, and employee pride. Yes, you    will derive personal satisfaction from this    process but let’s get real, you also want a

   return on your investment!

I have also given you two checklists at

the back of the book you can pull out

and use, including:

• Tips.

• Contact sheets.

Finally, you get two special sections:

• Finding (and Understanding) Your Founder

• Finding the Women’s Stories

For many of the older businesses I have worked with, they really didn’t know much at all about their founder and it’s terribly important! Often, it was simply because people had lost track over the years, or the business changed hands and information was lost. So I offer some tricks of the trade that have worked!

And the price is right!

All of this revenue generating information I am making available to you for only $29.97!

Here’s the link to order!

You also have my personal guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the material, simply contact me for a refund.

Does this stuff work?

Here’s a testimonial from my client Paul Soucy who hired me to research his family, his family business, and turn that information into marketing materials:

“When I knew my company was going to celebrate its 100th anniversary, I wanted to do something lasting and meaningful. I contacted Bonnie at History Smiths because I knew she had the ability and reputation to do the historical research on my family-owned business, and the marketing skills to create a brochure, display, and media materials. My existing customers were delighted, and I attracted new clients because of the attention we received.”
—Paul K.
Soucy Insurance Agency, Salem, MA

Please join me!

I HOPE you will join me in this work because history can be an incredibly powerful PR and marketing tool if you use it strategically. Plus, you will be helping your business AND your community!

I look forward to hearing about your successful business history investigation, and thanks so much for stopping by!

Your friend and colleague,