Harrison Bennett’s Talks for Business Groups and Nonprofits


These talks are usually 20 minutes long to accommodate chamber of commerce and rotary club meetings. They can easily be lengthened or shortened to accommodate you! Please contact Bonnie with any questions. “Business” and “History” A Strategic Partnership to Benefit

Your Business and Your Community

Businesses want customers, customer loyalty, referrals, and sales. Customers hate being “sold to” through direct sales methods, and they know it when they see it. What’s a business to do? Enter history. When your business becomes involved in the historical community, your staff has the opportunity to interact with customers on a personal level – not as “staff” out there “selling” but as people with a shared interest. When your business becomes engaged in its own history and your community’s history, people really do take notice. In return, you gain credibility, respect, and loyal customers. The really big win? You will help preserve the historical assets of your community for future generations. You will achieve business goals and leave a legacy. In this 20-minute talk, designed for business groups, Harrison Bennett, President and CEO of History Smiths, cites specific examples of how businesses can incorporate history – their own and their community’s – into their marketing, and community outreach efforts. Participants will walk away with ideas they can apply immediately.

Business Anniversary?

“Go Beyond the Party” to

Build Business Momentum

An anniversary provides an incredible opportunity to promote a business, but too often business owners settle for a party and a small newspaper story when there is so much more they could do to leverage their milestone. In this 20-minute talk, historian and marketer Harrison Bennett discusses 11 simple and low-cost steps businesses can take to derive the most benefit from their anniversary – methods she has used successfully with her clients. Harrison Bennett, President and CEO of History Smiths, is the author of Go Beyond the Party: 11 Simple Ways to Build Business Momentum, available exclusively from History Smiths. “Business” and “History” — New

Strategies for Historical Organizations

Repositories of historical information (historical societies, historic house museums, libraries, and archives) face many challenges preserving their collection and buildings. Funding is always an issue, and many of the “old ways” no longer work. Instead, these organizations could form strategic partnerships with businesses in their community. They could provide information and services to help businesses achieve business goals and, in turn, initiate new sources of revenue. In this 20-minute talk, Harrison Bennett, President and CEO of History Smiths, describes ways in which historical organizations can successfully approach local businesses and begin to build mutually beneficial relationships. She will cite specific examples from her work in the field. Participants will walk away with ideas they can apply immediately.