Connecting the Dots between Women’s History and Contemporary Issues

History Smiths

I hope you enjoy these articles written for and about women. I’d love to know your thoughts!

Keynote address: Worcester Women’s History Project’s 20th Anniversary (October 22, 2015)

Why Support Women’s History?

Remember the Ladies!

Independence Day and Your Business

Be the Embedded Historian in Your Family!

How Women’s History Can Help Girls, Boys,
and YOU!

Healing Women’s Invisible Scars –
What “No One” is Talking About

How Women’s History Can Get You Women Customers Want Women Customers? Members? Donors? Fans? Why You Should Find and Tell the
Women’s Stories in Your Business

Women’s Fashion, Women’s History, and
Getting New Women Clients

Why and How to Attract Women Clients
to Your Life Insurance Company

Girls and Financial Literacy: Can Your Bank or Business Help? Judith Sargent Murray on Women, Money,
and “Reverencing” Ourselves

Never Doubt Your Female Abilities –
Judith Sargent Murray Didn’t!

A Young Judith Sargent Murray Claims
Her Power and Self-Educates

Lessons Learned from Lucy Stone for Your Organization, Business, or Cause

Edmonia Lewis: Art with Power, Honesty, and Business Savvy

Phillis Wheatley’s Advice to You, Your Business

Advice from Louisa May Alcott

Lydia Maria Francis Child:
Acting on Principle, No Matter What

Hang Tough: Abigail Adams’ Advice to You, Your Business

Boston Women and the Civil War:
Stories of Faith, Courage, and Determination