Go beyond the party – 11 simple ways to build business momentum



Are you about to celebrate a business milestone, such as an anniversary? There is no better time to call attention to your business!

All too often, however, businesses simply send out a press release, throw a party, and hand out a few employee recognition plaques.

Instead, what if we were to give you 11 simple ways for you to really leverage your business milestone that would result in:

• customers

• customer loyalty

• a boost to your reputation

…and not just short-term but for a long time to come?

Go Beyond the Party does that for you. It encourages you to “think big” about your business’s history and its role in the community.

These easy-to-follow-and-implement ideas are offered to you by marketer and historian Harrison Bennett with insight, meaning, and a legacy-building approach.

As the CEO of your company, or as his/her key colleague, you will be very proud once you’ve done this work!

In Go Beyond the Party, you will learn about:

• Planning and marketing

• Press release opportunities

• Special events

• Multi-media products

• Gifts and announcements

• How to reach out to your historical community

  in ways that will benefit your business

You will also get:

• Checklist on how to do your business history

• Announcement press release template

• Sample proclamation

All of this information for your business is only $37 – and available to you as an EBook you can download NOW to get started.

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And by the way? You have our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Go Beyond the Party, simply contact us for a refund.

Here’s to your success!