How your business can welcome new customers to town with local history

History Smiths

Remember Welcome Wagon, the community organization that used to welcome newcomers to town with information and cookies? Apparently, they are making a real comeback in cities and towns across the country, and local businesses are working with them to reach new customers. Brilliant!

But what if you went a step further? What if your business teamed up with your local historical society or museum to create a handout about local history for the Welcome Wagon people to distribute? Beyond an obvious promotion, you will provide an appealing service to residents AND promote your business. You will also form a strategic partnership with your “history partner” that can benefit both of you.

This welcome/local history publication could include:

• Overview of town history (including specific

• Historical sites and organizations to visit

• Repositories of historical information if people
want to learn more (library, museum)

• Recommended books and Web sites

• Projects that are underway that people can get
involved with (preservation projects, clean-ups)

• Tour operators and guides (bus, trolley, by foot)

• Historical events

• Description and contact information for your history
partner (your historical society)

• Description and contact information for your business
(and a special offer?)

If your town doesn’t have an official Welcome Wagon, you could contact local real estate agents. They are on the front lines of welcoming new residents to town. You could also contact your public library. Often, newcomers head there early to get their library card.

And your publication would be of value to existing residents as well. Since it’s free, your public library should be more than happy to make it available. Producing the publication is an excuse for a press release as well, and you can make it available at your place of business. Your history partner will as well.

Especially of your company is located in a historical community, you will really attract the good will of potential customers if you can provide this kind of resource publication. People will hang on to it for a very long time, and your name will be front-and-center as a business connected to local history and town pride!