Remember the Ladies

History Smiths

A couple of weeks ago I attended Town Meeting here in Ipswich, Massachusetts, my new home. It was my first time sitting through an entire Town Meeting anywhere, and it was fascinating!

What struck me, though, since I had arrived early to socialize and observe people, was how many wonderful “ladies” there are in this town who it is my privilege to know. And when I use that word in this context, I mean women “of a certain age” — any one of whom I could sit and chat with for hours.

It also occurred to me, as a business person, how special it would be for any business or nonprofit to “remember the ladies” and promote their business at the same time. Imagine the good will, the gratitude from the women and their families (read customers, members, donors), the publicity – imagine!

You could:

• Host a special program for them at your place of business featuring – what else? – a talk about women’s history. They all love history, and they love women’s history. They all helped shape it, after all!

• Sponsor a tea or luncheon at a local restaurant just for them – and share the publicity with the restaurant.

• Give them an afternoon outing to a historic house, museum, or concert.

As for the invitation list, you, your staff, library, historical society, senior center, or some other community resource should easily be able to identify the “ladies” in town who should attend. Be as generous a s you can, and by all means find another business or two to work with you! Make it a party!

If you are located in the Boston area, please call on me to help you implement this idea and give the women’s history talk.

Only good can come of it!

Harrison Bennett, the President and CEO of History Smiths, is an expert on using history in new and innovative ways. She is a marketing, PR, event planning, and cultural tourism professional who also happens to be a respected historian (especially women’s history), author, and public speaker.