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President and CEO As a historian and author, Bonnie brings an unusual credibility to her award-winning marketing and promotional work. Blending the two is what she’s been doing successfully for private and public entities for many years. She believes we need to think differently about history, and how it can help businesses achieve an emotional connection that leads to loyal customers, word-of-mouth referrals, and the respect and gratitude of their community. Bonnie also believes that history is a source of inspiration. Her talks – for businesses and organizations – are often called “inspiring” and “passionate.” She is especially well known for her talks on women’s history, which can easily deliver new audiences/customers for you!


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VP/Director of Marketing Programs Thea Grace Morgan is a skilled marketing project management in high technology, Green, and legal/professional services. She adds a deep international background and global marketing experience to the History Smiths team. Thea excels at strategic consulting (including business and marketing approaches for new practice areas), creating marketing plans, conducting client and internal surveys, and leading teams in coordinated multi-channel marketing initiatives.

“Thea helped us create this new market opportunity by being patient, sensitive, enthusiastic, and a visionary. From behind the scenes meetings to in-person client presentations, Thea was involved in all aspects of our launch and growth. There is a common saying that in any social change the pessimists are usually right but the optimists make a difference. Thea kept us focused on the constructive message and positioning of the nascent green legal movement. Perhaps more importantly than my respect for her business skill and judgment, I value Thea for her wit and friendship. She has my full trust in any situation.”

— Larry Ostema, Managing Partner at Abundant Power Group