For Women and Girls Who Want to Learn, Grow, and Be Part of History

History Smiths


If you’re like me, you seek both information and inspiration wherever you can get it, and for me women’s history never fails to deliver.

So many stories are not just inspiring, we can learn from the women who got us to where we are today. HOW did they do what they did? Did they have a support system? How did they overcome obstacles? What about money?

In my new book, We Believe in You!,” I tell the stories of twelve women — stories of faith, courage, inspiration, strategy, and success — whose life lessons are directly applicable to our lives today.

Another area where women’s history can play a life-altering role is in the area of women and girls’ self-esteem. If the stories are presented in ways that are engaging and relevant, we can find endless inspiration and role models.  If you are new to women’s history — or if you know a girl or young woman who is — this is a great place to start because this is not a boring history book by any means! It’s lively, passionate, fun, and filled with contemporary inspiration!

How Women’s History Can Help

Your Business or Organization

Did you know that by incorporating women’s history into your business you can attract women customers? And women are the customers you want. They make most of the purchasing decisions! There are so many creative things you can do, and I would love to brainstorm.

Just one example is an event I did with a women’s clothing store in the Boston area. I gave a fun, passionate talk on women’s history, they provided refreshments, and offered items for sale. We co-promoted the event.

The results? New customers came in for the first time, existing customers showed up, the store made a pile of money, AND people were grateful they had invited me to speak. It was an unexpected thing for a store to do, and it earned them a very classy, forward-thinking, generous reputation. Outstanding!

I would love to help you bring women’s history into your life or business. Let’s talk!

Meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about my work in women’s history, my books are all available at this link.

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