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Bonnie Hurd Smith and Women's History

Womens History Month in Salem, MA; Me with Mayor Kim Driscoll and leaders of Salem Maritime NHS

A message from Bonnie Hurd Smith:

People often come up to me and say,
“Oh, you’re the women’s history person.”

Guilty as charged!

I have been involved in women’s history as a student, author, or public educator for over 20 years, and I continue to find it inspirational, thought provoking, and incredibly relevant. I delight in telling women’s stories, especially while I'm leading tours through their historic neighborhoods or visiting their homes.

I have served as executive director of the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail, I created a similar trail in Salem, Massachusetts and a themed trail on Boston Women & The Law, I was president of the Sargent House Museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Judith Sargent Murray’s home), and I am the acknowledged expert on Murray.

I have worked with historic sites to reinterpret their tours for women’s history, I served on the board of the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites, and I created a traveling display on Margaret Fuller for her Bicentennial year in 2010.

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If you are visiting New England, you can learn more about New England women's history here and contact me for a tour of sites in Massachusetts. You can learn more about my guided tours here.

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"You introduced our guests to Boston and women's history with passion and insight. When they return to their own political work, they won't forget your stories."
–Simmons College conference planner, Boston, MA

"Bonnie delivered a thought-provoking, emotional, and penetrating view of Margaret Fuller. She was a hit, and we look forward to having her return."
–Peter Van DeBogert, Northshore UU Church, Danvers, MA

"Your service today at our church was wonderful, Bonnie. You brought great passion to the topic and told an exceedingly interesting story about our Universalist history. I hope you get to do this a lot. We are so grateful."
–Rev. Arthur McDonald, First Universalist Church of Essex, MA

“One of our parishioners said he was surprised by his own ‘depth of feeling’ at the end and realized it was generated by your depth of feeling. Another woman was so impressed and moved at ‘how attached’ you were to this historical personage she came up afterward and hugged you. Your passion for Margaret Fuller's life and work really came through, and that was moving to all of us.”
–Diana Digges, Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, West Roxbury, MA

"Bonnie, thank you for one of our best tours ever!"
–Worcester, MA Women's Heritage Project