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Women's History Services - Let's Make it Work for You!


You will love being involved with women's history.
I promise you!

As an individual, business, or organization, the rewards are there and I would LOVE to help you get them.

How? That's where I can help.

• Consulting
Let’s talk very specifically about what you would like to achieve for your business or organization, what your interests are, and a bit about the communities you serve. From there, I will come up with a plan for you! We will find the right fit.

• Speaking
If I can help you attract customers, members, or donors by giving a women’s history talk at your place of business, or if you would like to sponsor a talk at your library, school, or community group (girls really need to hear this information!) please be in touch! We can come up with a topic that works for your particular situation.

Meanwhile, I invite you to learn about my forthcoming book, We Believe in You, as well as my ebook on how to create a women’s history trail to achieve the highest ROI for everyone involved.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonnie Hurd Smith


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"Bonnie Hurd Smith has a gift for making
connections between historical events
and the present. One Sunday in March 2011,
as a guest speaker at our Sunday service,
she brought us right into the life of Judith
Sargent Murray and enabled us to enter
a world in which women knew very few
of the freedoms we now take for granted.

As she spoke passionately and from deep
knowledge about the changes Judith
Sargent Murray envisioned and worked
for, she helped us feel connections
between the people of Judith's daily life
and the people who have sat in the pews
of our Meetinghouse (built in 1801) from
Judith's time until the present.

This is history at its best for it gives us
greater insight into our own moment
and place on the earth and allows us to
look to the future with greater understanding."
-Merryl Maleska Wilbur, First Religious
Society Unitarian Universalist,
Newburyport, MA