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Press Release 2-24-11


Can Supporting Women’s History Attract Women Customers?

North Shore marketing company says “yes,” and offers suggestions
in time for National Women’s History Month (March)

Ipswich, MA, February 24, 2011 – “National Women’s History Month is the perfect time for businesses to support women’s history AND attract new customers,” claims History Smiths CEO Bonnie Hurd Smith, “and I hope they won’t let the opportunity pass them by!”
Smith, who in addition to being the CEO of History Smiths is a historian and known for her work in the field of women’s history, has spent many years giving talks about women’s history or leading walking tours of historic sites on the North Shore and in Boston. She has also worked with dozens of businesses to fund these activities. Now, through History Smiths, a marketing and PR company, she works with businesses to use history in strategic ways to attract customers, boost customer loyalty, and secure the high status reputation that comes from being involved with history. “What we recommend goes far beyond writing a check,” Smith says. It’s about meeting people in a non-direct sales environment, and the investment really pays off. I’ve seen it!”
Women customers are particularly desirable because they make the majority of a family’s financial and recreational decisions, Smith asserts. “By showing existing and potential women customers that a business cares about women’s history, the women really will notice, be impressed, and thank the business with their patronage,” she says.
Smith offers three ways businesses can implement her strategy:
1.     Host an open house with refreshments, and bring in a local historian or author to give a women’s history talk. When you introduce the speaker, express your interest in and respect for women’s history and women customers. Congratulate attendees for THEIR interest!
2.     Sponsor a walking tour of women’s history sites in your community led by a local historian. Your place of business will be one “stop” along the way, where people will enjoy refreshments and hear how proud you are to sponsor the event. If your company isn’t located directly on the walking tour route, partner up with someone who is! As long as you are present and proud, you will still accomplish your goals.
3.     Co-sponsor a program with your local historical society or museum and help them understand that this is a joint venture. You will have access to their members and enhance your reputation by your association with the museum, and they will have your financial support and the new faces you will bring in (potential members). Your event could feature a speaker, reenactor, display of appropriate objects from your partner’s collection, musical performance, reading and book signing – they will know what makes sense for your community.
Smith encourages any business that follows her advice to “market the heck” out of what they do, proudly demonstrate their support of women’s history at their place of business and in their marketing materials, and make a special offer just for women.
“The business mantra everyone uses these days,” Smith says, is ‘know, like, trust.’ Supporting women’s history will let people get to know a business in a new way, like them, and trust them. This will lead inevitably to more customers and happy existing customers who will be proud of the business and proud of their association!” The added benefit? Smith points out, “the beauty of this approach is that the communities benefit as much as the business. Stories are being uncovered and told, young people are being inspired, and we are expanding our knowledge of local history. Lots of wins!”
Smith also points out that while women customers are the primary target audience, businesses will reach men as well. “Businesses will also attract the attention of fathers who care about their daughters, and husbands who respect their wives. As someone who has given numerous talks on women's history and led walking tours, I will tell you that some of the strongest supporters of women's history are these men!”
She also adds, “While March does provide a wonderful annual opportunity to showcase women’s history, in my book EVERY month is Women’s History Month!”
For more ideas on how businesses can use history as a strategic marketing and PR tool, visit HistorySmiths.com
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Bonnie Hurd Smith
President and CEO
History Smiths
Cell: 978.578.9307
History Smiths of Ipswich, MA, works with businesses to use history – their own and their community’s – to attract customers, earn customer loyalty, and secure a high status reputation. Along with their services and products, History Smiths offers free articles, special reports, and a weekly ezine on how businesses can benefit from history – all available at www.historysmiths.com.