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Bonnie Hurd Smith
President and CEO

Cell: 978-578-9307


Clients in the News
• The Advisor (ROA Department of Massachusetts/Maine) -- Colonel Buczko Speaks at West Point
• Salem News -- My Friend the Saint: Salem man knew Pope John Paul II
• Salem News -- Announcing the Nelson Dionne Salem History Fund
• Salem News -- Salem's Judge Buczko recalls last shot of WWII
• Salem News -- Treasures from the Past

Bonnie Hurd Smith in the News: 2015
• Salem News -- Letter: American Pride for a Beacon of Hope
• Salem Gazette --
Interview: Reflecting on Courage and Inspiration


• C-Span -- Panelist on Revolutionary Women, sponsored by the Abigail Adams Birthplace, Weymouth, MA
Interview on UR Business Network with Sy Yules about History Smiths
• Salem News -- Remembering Salem's role in introducing Women into the Coast Guard
• Salem News -- Talk and Book Signing, Ipswich, for "We Believe in You"
• Salem News -- Talk and Book Signing, Salem, for "We Believe in You"
• Ye Olde Pepper Candy Company backs Salem Women's Heritage Trail (story on page 2)
• Antoinette Cabral's website on relationships -- Bonnie's article on what women really want in a relationship
• Salem News -- Bonnie Volunteers to serve Christmas dinner at local church
• Salem News -- Bonnie Leads Walking tour in Ipswich
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie on the legacy of Salem women
• Salem Gazette -- Interview with Bonnie
• Salem News -- Bonnie featured in new book on "Legendary Locals of Salem"
• Salem News -- Build your business with an ebook
• Salem News -- Bonnie's op-ed on why learning women's history is important
• Boston Globe -- Bonnie is quoted on girls and money
PRESSEXPOSURE.com -- How knowing your business history can attract customers and help your community
• Salem News -- Publicity for Bonnie's keynote address for Brookhouse Residence for Women
• Core Compass -- Bonnie has article published on using history to attract customers without direct sales
• Salem News -- Bonnie is quoted on the $20 million renovation of the Peabody Essex Museum's Phillips Library
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie writes new book on how to celebrate business anniversaries
• Salem News -- Bonnie publishes new biography of Judith Sargent Murray
• Salem News -- New lecture series features Bonnie's biographical talk on Judith Sargent Murray
• Salem News -- Bonnie publishes new book on Judith Sargent Murray's letters
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie publishes new book on Judith Sargent Murray's letters
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie launches History Smiths and publishes manual on creating history trails
• Salem News -- Bonnie launches History Smiths
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie is featured in "Women Empowered" series
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie publishes walking trail called "Boston Women & The Law"
• Salem News -- Bonnie is quoted on the hiring of the new director of the Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
• Salem News -- Bonnie gives a talk on North Shore women during the Civil War
• Salem News -- Bonnie's op-ed on Nathaniel and Sophia Peabody Hawthorne
• Salem News -- Bonnie's letter on Captain William Driver and Old Glory
• Salem News -- Bonnie is appointment to NCWHS board
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie launches a website to celebrate women's history and woman-owned businesses in Salem, MA
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie participates in Sophia Peabody Hawthorne's Bicentennial
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie's op-ed on exploring history by foot
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie's op-ed on Elvis Presley
• Salem Gazette -- Bonnie helps found a history society in Salem, MA

Testimonials from Businesses

Testimonials on Bonnie's Work for Women


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