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Bonnie Hurd Smith's Inspiring History Talks

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• If you want to attract women customers or thank the ones you have, I would love to give a talk about women’s history at your place of business. It’s an unusual tactic that will make people take notice. I recently did this very thing for a women’s clothing store in the Boston area. The store provided refreshments, offered discounts, and invited me to speak. Customers were delighted and very grateful. The store attracted a whole new crowd because of my talk, and they really made money!


• If you are planning an annual meeting or an all-staff event to boost morale and say “thank you,” I would love to give an inspired talk about your community, your business history, or your founder.


• If you are looking for new PR opportunities, you could co-sponsor one of my women’s history talks at your historical society or library. They always need content, and most have a monthly lecture series. March, which is National Women’s History Month, presents a special opportunity. So does Mother’s Day. You will both promote the event, and you will attract attention and new customers. I’ll work with you to make sure you get the utmost strategic advantage!


• If you work with girls, women’s history provides outstanding role models they’ve never heard of. I love to tell some of their stories in ways that help girls understand that anything is possible for them.


• If you are responsible for educational programming at your organization, government agency, or school, I can help!


• And if you have a Unitarian Universalist affiliation, I’ve given numerous talks and led services on both Judith Sargent Murray and Margaret Fuller. I’ve given talks and led walking tours in Boston on even more UU women. I would love to share what I have learned!

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The talks I've given for business groups and on women's history are described here.

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–Bonnie Hurd Smith

Bonnie Hurd Smith 


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"It's been a pleasure to have Bonnie speak at the Boston Public Library. Her presentations are excellent, her enthusiasm contagious, and her humor appreciated. Bonnie made it easy for the library to have a popular program with minimum fuss."
–Patricia Feeley, Boston Public Library

"You introduced our guests to Boston and women's history with passion and insight. When they return to their own political work, they won't forget your stories."

—Simmons College conference planner, Boston, MA

"Bonnie has presented three historical talks here at the Beverly Public Library. Her illustrated presentations are delightful and enlightening -- always impeccably researched and organized, and enthusiastically presented. Bonnie really brings to life her subjects and the eras in which they lived. It's always especially enriching to hear Bonnie's unique expertise on women's contributions to North Shore history!"
–Robin Flynn, Beverly (MA) Public Library

"Bonnie Hurd Smith shared stories about the war-time contributions of Boston and Framingham women as part of the Framingham Public Library's commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. She brought both well-known and little-known abolitionists, nurses, and writers to life in this fascinating program for Framingham Reads Together 2011."

–Elizabeth Fideler, EdD, Framingham Reads Together Co-Chair

"Bonnie delivered a thought-provoking, emotional, and penetrating view of Margaret Fuller. She was a hit, and we look forward to having her return."
–Peter Van DeBogert, Northshore UU Church,
Danvers, MA

"Your service today at our church was wonderful, Bonnie. You brought great passion to the topic and told an exceedingly interesting story about our Universalist history. I hope you get to do this a lot. We are so grateful."
--Rev. Arthur McDonald,
First Universalist Church of Essex

“One of our parishioners said he was surprised by his own ‘depth of feeling’ at the end and realized it was generated by your depth of feeling. Another woman was so impressed and moved at ‘how attached’ you were to this historical personage she came up afterward and hugged you. Your passion for Margaret Fuller's life and work really came through, and that was moving to all of us.”
–Diana Digges, Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, West Roxbury, MA