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How Your Business Will Benefit from Joining Your Historical Community

Simply put, when you are involved in historical work, you become part of the historical community. You do not need a Ph.D. in history. You do not need to be an architectural preservationist. You do not need to be an expert on town history.

All you need is a sincere interest in local history and the desire to help.

The historical community needs everyone, including you, whatever your gifts may be. And when you do become involved, the business benefits include:

• A personal connection with potential customers in a non-business environment.
• The stature that comes from being involved in history.
• The trust of perspective customers that comes from being involved in history.
• The satisfaction of building a legacy.
• High staff morale.

You will benefit from personal connections AND publicity because historical projects require extensive promotion. Your name and your logo will be publicly affiliated with “good works” in front of thousands.

How can you become involved?

• Contact your historical society or museum. They always need support, and you can probably find a good fit between your business/expertise and their needs.
• Call friends who serve on the historical society board or who are known to support historical projects. They will know about projects that aren’t public yet.
• Contact the history department of your local school or college. Is there a high profile project you could support?

Think of it as a business investment
You probably already know businesses that support the historical community in one way or another. But I am suggesting going beyond writing a check. To make the kind of personal connections that result in new customers, you really need to “get in there.” You will need to put in some time as an adviser, a fundraising committee member, or as staff at a community event – whatever it takes to connect.

And the pay-off is huge. When people get to know you as a business that supports local history, you WILL make friends and customers.

After all, at the end of the day, your actions validate people’s choice of living where they do. You will be honoring something they care about very deeply — their town.


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