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Using History to Grow Your Business or Organization

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Business and Life Lessons I Learned from Li-Li the Cat

Being Interviewed? Some Tips for You!

Speech to Give? Some Ideas for Remaining Calm

What Do Your Customers Care About,
and How Can It Help You?

You Know You Have a Book in You! - Is it An Ebook?

Independence Day and Your Business

Healthy Local Small Businesses = Healthy Local History

Want Women Customers? Members? Donors? Fans?

Remember the Ladies!

Mindset Shift for 2011: Think Differently
about History to Benefit Your Business!

Give Me Five Minutes and I'll Show You
How History Can Help Your Business!

How Women's History Benefits Girls, Boys, and YOU

A Historical Revolution, and You Can Join In!

Why You Must Make Your Business History Personal

How Margaret Fuller Would Advise Your Business

Advice from Louisa May Alcott

How an 18th Century Essayist Can Help Your Business

Lessons Learned from Lucy Stone for
Your Organization, Business, or Cause

Phillis Wheatley's Advice to You,
Your Business

Hang Tough: Abigail Adams' Advice to You, Your Business

Lydia Maria Francis Child:
Acting on Principle, No Matter What

How Doing Your Business History
Allows You to Be of Service

How Your Business or Organization Can Say "Thank you" to Veterans

How History can Keep You in a Place of Gratitude -- A Good Place to Be!

Don't Take No for an Answer! Find a Way
to Use History for Your Business

Edmonia Lewis: Art with Power, Honesty
and Business Savvy

Do you Have a Historian on Your Team
and Why Do You Need One?

What Happens When You Use History in Your Marketing? Imagine these Impressive Results!

How Women's History Can Get You
Women Customers

Why You Should Find and Tell the Women's Stories in Your Business

Women's Fashion, Women's History,
and Getting New Women Customers

How an 18th-century Woman Changed
the Life of a 20th-century boy

Why Support Women's History?

Why and How to Attract Women Clients
to Your Life Insurance Company

How History Can Help Your Business
Stand Out in the Crowd

New Conversations and New Partnerships between "Business" and "History"

How History Can Connect Your Business
to Good Works and a Higher Purpose

Does Your Marketing Make You Cry --
In a Good Way?

Do People Trust You? How History Can Help Your Business Achieve Trustworthiness

Girls and Financial Literacy:
Can Your Bank or Business Help?

"Historize" Your Business to Impress Customers and Boost Your Reputation

When "Business" Learns "History"
Can Help and Says "Aha!"

History Marketing IS Co-Marketing,
and the Opportunities Are Huge!

Controversial Building Project? History
Can Help You Win People Over

Are You the "First?" The Oldest?"
What Are You Doing About It?

Can Knowing Your Industry's History
Attract Customers?

Get the Stories from Your Retirees Now!

How Your Business Can Welcome New
Customers to Town with Local History

When Banks and Credit Unions Branch Out,
Do They Connect with Local History?

Want Women Customers? Try Some
Women's History to Impress and
Attract Them

Channel Your Inner Historian for that
Personal Connection with Customers

Building Customer Relationships
without "Direct Sales"

Should You Use "History" in Your
Company's PR Campaign?

"Show Up" for History -- and Your Business!

Two Corporate Citizens Step Up for History and "Everyone" Wins

Judith Sargent Murray on Women, Money,
and "Reverencing" Ourselves

Be the Embedded Historian in Your Family

Veterans History and Family History --
Please Tell the Stories Now Before
We Lose Them

How to Leverage Your Marketing Dollars
by Investing in Historical Nonprofits

Your Business's Bill of Rights When You Support a Historical Community Event

How Businesses Can "Win" with Public History

How Can Financial Service Providers Reach Customers"Where They Live" and Forge
Loyal Relationships?

Boston History, World History,
and Your Business

How Service Providers Can Reach Customers "Where They Live" Emotionally by Helping to Preserve Where They Live Physically

Family-owned Businesses and
Customer Loyalty

Your Brand, Your Reputation — Using History
to Position Your Business a Cut Above the Rest

Do Businesses Know Their History
and Why Should They Care?

Proclaim Your Business Anniversary, Attract Attention, Be the Toast of Your Community

How the Strategic Use of a Historic Building
Can Leverage Your Business Anniversary

"History is Boring" -- A Myth We Can Blow Up
and How You and Your Business Can Help

How Your Business Can Benefit from Supporting Historical Holidays

How a Special Event Introduced Me
to My Grandfather

Is Your Business Located in a Historical Community and Do You Want Real "History
Cred" to Retain and Attract Customers?

How Your Business Will Benefit from
Joining Your Historical Community

Connecting Your Business to Town Pride

Be a Local Hero – Preserve History,
Get Customers, Boost Stature

Can Businesses Help Save
Our Historical Public Parks?

Businesses Support Public School History Education, Attract Customers, Boost Reputation

How Your Business Can Be Part of the "Solution" to the "Problem" of History Education

How Telling the Story of a House
Can Help You Sell that House

Go Off-line and Connect with Customers

through Good Old PR and Community Outreach

Community Bank Marks Business Milestone
by Publishing Community History

Community Banks Support Local History,
and Attract New Customers

Why Large Banks Should "Get Local"
with History and Preservation

How Lawyers Can Use History

Attract Up-Market Clients

How Realtors Can Use History to Tell Stories
and Win Over Clients

Business and History — Forging a
New Relationship that Benefits Both

The Business of History: What it is,
and How it Can Benefit Your Business
or Historical Organization

What is a History Audit and Does
Your Restaurant Need One?

Do You Crave an Authentic Dining Experience When You Visit Historical Towns?

Three Ways to Jump-start Your Business's "History Audit," and Why You Should Do it Today

How Beauty, Health, and Wellness Businesses
Can Use History to Impress and Attract Customers

Architect Taps into Local History,
Builds Reputation, Attracts Customers

Ability, Integrity, and Excellence:
Preserving Our Colonial Past Jim Whidden's Way

New Revenue Streams for Historical Nonprofits

Why and How Small Historical Organizations
Need to Think and Act Differently Now (if not sooner)

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